Hi again! I wrote and recorded a theme for Pope John Paul II–it’s not a song, but a classical music-style anthem. In other words: it’s me, but kind of channeling John Williams, and I bet you’ll like it. Besides, John Paul II NEEDS A THEME SONG! As you know, he is being officially declared a saint of the Catholic Church on April 27 (so is Pope John XXIII, who is also a marvelous fellow, but John Paul II is the MAN, and I credit him with helping me out of the dark pit that used to be my life. Veritatis Splendor still gets me choked up when I read it)!

O.K. so, if you would like to have the John Paul II Theme for FREE then just sign up on the Dan Lord Mailing List over there on the sidebar. Next week (just in time to get you stoked for the canonization!) I will email the Theme to all you excited people who have signed up! Fun!

In the meantime: it’s Holy Week, people! Stop complaining, love everybody even though everything hurts and you feel like freaking out about whatever that scary thing is that is casting a shadow over your life. Pick up your cross and follow Jesus. Then, on Easter Sunday: WHAMMO! Chocolate eggs. And the spiritual equivalent thereof. It’s easy!*











*And also very, very difficult

One thought on “Theme Music for a Great Man!

  1. Any chance you’ll make this available elsewhere? I missed its ‘release’ and only recently found your site! :]


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