Pope Francis Looks Strangely Like…

March 13, 2013

Welcome to That Strangest of Wars! If you’d like to have future posts delivered to you for free, you can subscribe to this blog via email or RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Ed Wynn! The actor who played chronic laughing man Uncle Albert in Mary Poppins!  Regardless: thank you, Holy Spirit! How does one say “Viva il […]

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If This Cardinal Doesn’t Get the Vote, I’m Leaving the Catholic Church

March 11, 2013

You can keep your  Scolas, your Dolans, your Schonbörn with the fancy pants umlaut over the “o” and all that. I’m putting every last dime of my savings on His Beatitude Moran Mor Baselios Cardinal Cleemis Catholicos. And can’t you just smell the fear in the Curia? If only because Cleemis is the only Cardinal at the […]

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Captain Quirk

January 16, 2013

I’ve watched this a couple of times now, and the word that keeps coming to me is “quirky.” I’m kind of the Jeff Goldblum of Catholic evangelists, I think. Anyway, this is a “Today’s Message” installment from the Renewal Ministries website that goes along with my appearance on “The Choices We Face,” which should air […]

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The Hobbit!

January 12, 2013

The Hobbit isn’t just “O.K.” It’s a masterpiece. There. I wrote it. I felt compelled to do so, considering all the humdrum, long-faced reviews I’ve been reading lately, whether in formal critiques or comboxes.  I’ve read how bored some people were, especially during that much-maligned first hour when apparently there was nothing going on and […]

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Fr. C’s Handy Guide to Getting an Exorcism!

December 5, 2012

My Resident Evil trilopost continues to get a strong response from people, many of whom are interested in investigating the possibility of a demonic presence in their lives. I was talking with “Father Cornelius” recently about this, and he helped me put together the following guide: Fr. C’s Handy Guide to Getting an Exorcism † Who […]

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Before You Read It, Read About It…

December 3, 2012

Thanks to all of you supportive readers, Choosing Joy is doing very well at whatever the equivalent of “the box office” is for books. Below are some really well-done reviews/interviews for you to chew on, if you like:   Jennifer Fulwiler, from Conversion Diary Elizabeth Scalia, from The Anchoress Tony Rossi, of The Christophers. This […]

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If We’re On the Same Team, Why Are You Yelling At Me?

November 29, 2012

I hope its no secret to anyone that I am completely, radically, and unassailably pro-life. Bonkers pro-life. The only person more pro-life than me is Jesus. And Mary, and some other people, I guess, but most of them look at me and are like, “How are you capable of being so flippin’ p to the […]

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