Be on the Lookout: the Theme for John Paul II!

April 21, 2014

Welcome to That Strangest of Wars! If you’d like to have future posts delivered to you for free, you can subscribe to this blog via email or RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Happy Easter, all you wonderful people! I’ve decided that Tuesday, April 22 (tomorrow) will be the big day that I send out the […]

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Theme Music for a Great Man!

April 15, 2014

Hi again! I wrote and recorded a theme for Pope John Paul II–it’s not a song, but a classical music-style anthem. In other words: it’s me, but kind of channeling John Williams, and I bet you’ll like it. Besides, John Paul II NEEDS A THEME SONG! As you know, he is being officially declared a […]

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The New Dan Lord Mailing List and My New Novel!

April 2, 2014

Be on the Dan Lord Mailing List! There’s the sign up form, over there on the sidebar. Tantalizing, isn’t it? See, I have all sorts of songs, stories, and artistic curiosities from the depths of my Noodle—the “Old Loaf” as it’s sometimes known—that I want to share with That Strangest of Wars fans! This is […]

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The Mentalist “Red John” Review!

December 3, 2013

It happened, in case you didn’t know. Patrick Jane, the protagonist of one of my all-time fave T.V. shows The Mentalist, finally defeated Red John, the serial killer who murdered Jane’s wife and daughter. Many were unhappy with the episode. They thought it was a big let-down. James Hibberd over at Entertainment Weekly did a great […]

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Marriage Thoughts From the Cutting Room Floor

October 22, 2013

Sometimes things just don’t make the final cut of a project. There is a book on marriage coming out at some point in the not-too-distant future, published by OSV, to which Hallie and I have contributed a chapter. The following is a section that ended up on the chopping block, and I thought you might […]

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Time and Space…

August 2, 2013

“Each one of us needs time and space for recollection, meditation and calmness…Thanks be to God that this is so! In fact, this need tells us that we are not made for work alone, but also to think, to reflect or even simply to follow with our minds and our hearts a tale, a story in […]

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The Word You’re Searching For is “Wonky”

July 7, 2013

Thank you for stopping by my incomplete tumbledown site filled from one end to the other with missing images and links that don’t work! The That Strangest of Wars Production Team is as busy as a hive of radioactive bees unwonkifying things, and when they are done: WHAMMO! That Strangest of Wars will have an […]

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