It’s strange, I thought I might like this
Having time to myself here
I pictured me on the back porch
Slowly drinking a beer
From inside Thelonious Monk plays
Copper evening sunrays
Dance in a surprise August visiting breeze
Man, I hope that it stays
And my dear, I wish you never left
My beer glass is empty, Thelonious done
Come back, two became one

That vaudeville, affected expression
Seems to make a new sense now
Confounding the cynical world of pre-nuptial deals
‘Two became one,’ for this town, is an algorithm for madness
No exit strategy? One last name?
What a pair of buffoons!
And my dear, count me in if it’s true
It’s industrial glue that was used to fuse me and you
Two became one

The sun has almost gone down now
And my Perfecto is smoked up
Your trip to visit your folks
Concludes next Saturday night
And my dear, I’ll be showered and shaved
At the place where we waved goodbye
Then we’ll behave like when we two became one

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