Don’t get trapped at night
No moon shines so bright
As the sun
On a Sunday afternoon
This relief comes none too soon
And I swear
I will never return

Goodbye snake-charmed life
Goodbye self-made strife
I take it off
Like an old, worn dirty coat
By a unanimous vote
I decide
I will never return

On a Sunday afternoon, yeah,
This relief comes none too soon
And I know
I will never return

2 thoughts on “Never Return

  1. Hey Dan! I think you made a mistake on the first part of the song lyrics. On line 6 it says “And I swear” where in the song it says “And I know”. I love the song, I get the meaning and I can totally relate. 😀

    • Rats! You’re right, aren’t you? Originally it was supposed to be “I swear,” and for some reason I didn’t sing that at recording time. I kind of like “I swear” better, but, oh well. Anyway, thanks for pointing that out. I’ll fix it.

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