I find myself here
Not ‘cuz I think I got a right to
Give out advice set to music and dumb rhymes
And I concede
We lack a few essential things
Utilities get disconnected sometimes
But who could buy the bliss?
The stupid happiness?
Lots would amputate their legs to grab a piece of this

Girl, I know
You don’t really need to hear this
Sometimes it’s good, though, just to get a reminder
I have been
Down dark, forbidden avenues
And then wondered why the world
Did not treat me kinder
You pulled me from the black
And I will not go back
The war is over now thanks to your beautiful attack
Don’t you see how lovely you are
Lying with me in the back of my car?

Heaven come play your song
Me and Hallie will play along
The world’s over now, the end
It’s buried in the ground, my friend

Joan of Arc took up arms
Without losing ay of her feminine charms
But if you need defense or a chivalrous deed
I will be your knight on a steed
I will bleed for you
But all my power flows
From sources not my own
I could not be the man that you deserve all on my own
Don’t you know how strong that you are?
Remember the night you had our girl in the back of our car?


And so we sing and dance in spite of events ‘cuz it’s alright
It’s not alright for lesser loves out there tonight
The stars are out tonight to hear us sing in harmony
And leave behind the world’s flat, boring moribund melody
To dance with someone who won’t step on our toes
That’s how it goes
When love comes down
When loves comes down…
It’s sweet enough to wait around


When love comes down…

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