The sun feels good sometimes, sometimes it burns
The rat gets shocked sometimes, sometimes it learns
So sun and electricity are sometimes good for you and me
So how come lately all I get are shocks and burns?

My rock broke all the scissors in my way
I challenged Mephistopheles to play
When I produced my balled up fist
His hand became a laundry list of all my false assumptions he said:
“Yeah yeah yeah yeah”

Trapped on a blacked out dance floor
What did I get left here for?
I get it now it’s time to dance in place
Trapped on the shores of a Red Sea
My enemy wants a dead me
Try and relax it’s time to dance in place

There’s nothing like the taste of humble pie
It goes nice with the wood beam in my eye
I mix it for awhile
Then I shove it in my pie-hole
Yeah, it stings a little going down but what a rush

You dance in place sometimes, sometimes you don’t
Sometimes you hear the DJ or you won’t
The time is now this is the day so dance away
Until a creepy skeletal attendant leads you off the dance floor


Going somewhere
Sometimes feels like going nowhere
Going nowhere


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