The short story, like Jazz and breakdancing, is a great American art form. My personal all-time fave short story writer is Flannery O’Connor, but I also love Twain, O. Henry, Poe, Capote, et al. I myself am a perennial scribbler of short stories, but up until now my marketing strategy for them has been the¬†traditional George McFly approach. For a quick tutorial on this failsafe strategy watch this 33 second instructional video:

Anyway, I feel like I’ve progressed far enough beyond my “awkward stage” to the point that I’m ready for the world to know just how mediocre a short story writer I really am! So, put your Culture Hats on, people! It’s story time!

1.  The New Adanism

2.  Calling Poundcake

3. Hunger of the Dead

One thought on “My Short Stories

  1. Greetings from Cincinnati, I saw you interviewed on EWTN and I’m glad to say I got on your TSOW site and read how you made friends with the devil and three of your short stories which I loved !!!! I’m looking forward to reading lots more of your work. Although we’ve never met , I know you exist and I thank God for it.

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