Creating music since the early 1990’s, Dan Lord was the co-songwriter and frontman for the pop punk band, Pain. He has composed music for all areas of the entertainment industry, including film, animation, and book media, as well as several independent label productions. His ability to craft delightful music in a wide range of styles and moods and tie it to intelligent, memorable lyrics has become his signature throughout his career, even as he continues to sharpen and expand in inventive ways. To invite Dan to work with you on your next project, inquire here.

Listen below for selections from his music written for Charles Mattocks’ latest documentary, Trial By Fire:

For more samples of his soundtrack-style work, partake of the following:

A recent full-length solo project, Thumbwrestle is a strangely enjoyable salvo of irresistible tunes, each one full of emotional depth and spiritual insight but quirky and upbeat at the same time. Purchase individual tracks or the complete album below!

Thumbwrestle complete digital album – $3.99


Mighty Old Man – $0.70


Peanut Shell – $0.70


Love Comes Down – $0.70


Thumbwrestle – $0.70


Tom in a Cubicle – $0.70


Never Return – $0.70


Two Became One – $0.70


In Place – $0.70


Never Been Good At That – $0.70


Peanut Shell (backbeat version) – $0.70

15 thoughts on “My Music

  1. Dan, thank you so much! I’ve been trying to find and buy these songs since I first heard some of them on your old myspace page about 2 years ago! This CD is excellent! I’ve been a big Pain fan for a long time and it’s great to hear this wonderful new stuff!

  2. Oh my God, I am flipping out right now. My friend “Zed” suddenly told me he found Dan was still writing music, and even writing. I was in shock, but it’s true! I’m buying your CD as soon as I have enough money. I’ll also be getting the book once it’s released. Keep it up Dan!

  3. Came here from your wife’s website. I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your father…I will be praying for the repose of his soul.

    I really like the song…what a cool relationship you must have had.

    My 11-year-old son is a drummer. He is actually performing at level 6 (the highest level — few high school seniors ever even achieve that level) today in our state music festival. I have at times had concerns that he has a talent in the music field. There will be minefields to dodge, for sure, but thanks for showing me that Catholicism and rock can coexist in a faithful man.

    Again, I will include your intentions in my daily prayers today. Rest in peace, Chuck Lord (awesome name).

  4. Dan! I’m so impressed! I’m so glad to know that you came to the Lord. Pain was/is one of my favorite bands, and being a Christian my whole life (well, more or less), this really is a treat. *throws money at you* (Also why am I just now finding out about this?)

  5. Dear Mr. Lord,

    Me and my amigo Jay have written you some old fashion fan letters as well as some stupid drawings and bad puns. we were wondering if you could send us your mailing address so we may send them to you. If you don’t want to that is okay with us, but it you do, send the address to thank you and we are really looking forward to sending you our fan ramblings.
    Andrew Hopkins

  6. Wow. Pain was always one of my favorite bands. So excited to hear new music from you. Please don’t ever stop writing music. You’re too good at it, Dan.

  7. Hey Dan, i have some of your albums from your Pain days but not all. Is there anyway possible to purchase them?

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