By the Downward Way: Book One of the Von Koppersmith Saga available now!

Read what fans are saying about it: “Totally blown away…” “Mr. Lord’s style and descriptions are masterfully done…”  “…incredibly enjoyable…”  “…like the best of Tolkien crossed with a great Dean Koontz thriller…” “…Stunningly good and a flight of imagination that carries you along…” “…completely hooked me from page 1…”

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From a Dark Wayover: Book Two of the Von Koppersmith Saga available now!

“I think this series of books by Dan Lord may become a cult hit in the fantasy genre. They are so engaging and full of amazing characters. And the story carries you along. I read this book in 3 or 4 sittings. I can’t wait to read the next one!…” “…had me on the edge of my seat…” “…the story is riveting and I couldn’t put it down…” “…Lots of surprises along the way as things don’t turn out how you might expect them to…” “…I’m a big fan of Leo’s epic odyssey and loved the new additions to the saga, I tip my hat to you, good sir!…”

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A Fantastic Confluence: Book Three of the Von Koppersmith Saga coming  December 8, 2017! The groundbreaking trilogy reaches an astounding culmination! Check back for more details and images.





411ZOs73e2L._SS500_ Choosing Joy is available now!

“True insight paired with friendly wit…” “…Brilliant…” “…Beautifully written…” “There is nothing saccharine in the writing, but there is raw truth, and much hope…” “Excellent!”

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