The New Book Trailer for By the Downward Way!

by Dan Lord on August 14, 2014

Feast your eyes and ears on THIS, all you wonderful TSOW readers!

By the Downward Way will be available early September. It’s almost here!  Please spread the word, if you’re so inclined. And THANK YOU to EVERYONE for all of your support and encouragement!



Things go well with theme music: movies, sports events, movies about sports events, romantic dates, meals in restaurants, the Catholic Mass, and…believe it or not…books! You all may remember the book trailer music I wrote for my last tome, Choosing Joy. In fact, some of you have asked if I plan to make that catchy little ditty available as an MP3, and guess what? No…go ahead…guess! Hey, that’s RIGHT! It is now available as an MP3! Even better, it’s FREE! That will be my latest mail-out this Thursday. If you are on the Dan Lord Mailing List, that is. And, if you’re not, then get on it! It’s right there on the sidebar, ladies and gents.

Book trailer music is on my mind, of course, because in just a little over three short weeks my NEW novel, By the Downward Way, will at last be available for purchase and, naturellement, it shall be preceded by an exciting new book trailer with original music by moi designed to flambé your appétit for mind-blowing fiction! I don’t know why I’m peppering all this with so many French words. The novel will not be available in French. At least, not until after the French people DEMAND A COPY of this latest magnum opus in their own language, and then I will gladly arrange for a French version. Anyway, keep your eyes peeled next week for when I unveil the official By the Downward Way book trailer! You’re going to love it!



Even if you were already feeling fine…you’ll feel a little better. And do NOT stop watching before the bass player demonstrates why he was hired to be the bass player for Reg Kehoe and his Marimba Queens.


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