There are so many exciting things to report on my new novel, By the Downward Way, that it threatens the atomic integrity of your computer/device screen!

First! BtDW (that’s short for ‘By the Downward Way’, natch) is now available for your e-readers!

Kindle users, go here!

Nook users, go here!

IBook users, just open ITunes, go to ‘Books’, and search for By the Downward Way.

Second! The very first reader review of BtDW is in:

“This book is like the best of Tolkien crossed with a great Dean Koontz thriller. Dan Lord’s incredible imagination and ability to convey intricate thoughts with just the right words will transport you.”

Nice, eh? And, finally, here’s a little excerpt of the book, so you can dig on the vibe and all:

Chapter Five

A thin rain fell on the cemetery. The night bleached itself to a wet, chalky glow as Leo moved digging tools from the trunk of his car. His breathing came in gauzy curls of steam. A single bird from some hidden perch made an inquisitive caw, but it had no fellows willing to respond at such a dismal hour in such a cold, abandoned place.

Leo took a drink of hot, black coffee from a dark blue thermos, listening to the raindrops lightly pummeling the hood of his green North Face coat. The silver-bladed centenarian shovel taken from the den, along with spades and crowbars from the tool house, grew dark and damp beside the gravestone of Nicholas of Hamelin. Leo turned to his right and left, half-expecting to see the gray-green phantom watching him with its black eyes. He saw nothing, but he knew with a nauseous feeling that he was not alone.

He pulled on thick brown gloves, grabbed the shovel, and began digging.

Before three hours had passed he was clearing dirt from the top of a coffin. There were wood straps across it stamped with the date “1642,” the year that the coffin had been relocated to America from its original spot outside of Rome. The crowbar split the wood straps easily. The coffin itself was Roman marble, its once polished surface now an ugly gray and black. The lid was fixed with stone pegs.

The rain had stopped. Leo pulled his hood back and the heat that rose from his sweaty scalp became a faint vapor in the icy air. Black dirt was smeared down one side of his face.

He suddenly wanted to stop everything he was doing. He wanted to go home, take a hot shower, put on fresh clothes, and drive away, far away from his home and from his past and go to a secluded beach somewhere. The notion lasted only a few seconds before he made a scoffing sound at it and shook his head. Right…a magic beach that exists inside a curse-proof bio-dome somewhere, where dads don’t commit suicide or lose their minds or abandon their kids to go join the circus or whatever. There was no running away anymore. If there was any path to a normal life, it was down here in the dirt, where the rot was, where the lost memory of some rupture with peace and sanity was waiting. He fit the edge of the crowbar under the coffin lid beside one stone peg and began to push it loose.

The lid submitted to Leo’s crowbar with a muted crunch, breaking like dry bread into three long pieces. As they were shoved back, the gray light of the drizzly morning penetrated the stale darkness underneath. Right away Leo saw the bones: the ribs pointing like long, brittle fingers; the thicker segments of leg; the leering, brown rows of teeth. Leo’s heart seemed to hang inside his chest by an executioner’s noose at the sight of death’s awful consequence sprawled before him, naked in its marble cell.

But it was a dull-edged fear he experienced, a featureless revulsion not much different than the emotions caused by a foul smell or a badly told joke. It was not until he pushed the lid completely away and he saw the entire contents of the coffin that he felt a true jolt.


There you go, folks! Pick up a copy of By the Downward Way when and if you can, and now I’m going to leave you all alone for a while before you go crazy from reading all this self-promotion. Have a good day!


By the Downward Way For Sale Now!

by Dan Lord on September 15, 2014

It’s time, people! The print version is available right now. The e-book version, if you’re That Kind of Person, will be available in about a week. I’ll keep you posted!

And, in case you haven’t watched it yet, here’s the Book Trailer!


The New Book Trailer for By the Downward Way!

by Dan Lord on August 14, 2014

Feast your eyes and ears on THIS, all you wonderful TSOW readers!

By the Downward Way will be available early September. It’s almost here!  Please spread the word, if you’re so inclined. And THANK YOU to EVERYONE for all of your support and encouragement!


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